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Building student power to ensure that young people have a fair say in improving their education.


Providence Student Union aspires to be a genuinely youth-led union for students based in Providence, Rhode Island. Through PSU, young people will freely unite to develop leadership skills, organize for ground-up improvements to their schools, and ultimately win a fair say in their education system.

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The Providence Student Union was formed in the spring of 2010 when students from Hope High School joined together to protect their school’s popular block schedule from being dismantled. These young leaders formed PSU’s first chapter—Hope United—and began a series of campaigns to improve their school. After achieving a number of school-based victories, the group began organizing chapters across the Providence School district. Currently, PSU chapters in 6+ schools across Providence are working together to increase the collective power of all students.


Providence Student Union’s first big action—our walkout in support of Hope High School.

PSU student leader Cauldierre McKay discusses education policy and high-stakes testing on MSNBC with Melissa Harris-Perry.


PSU leaders having fun planning summer programming.

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